Try the Bay Tini, a delicious cocktail at the Blue GinMonte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Bay Tini | Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & resort



-10cl coconut cream

-5cl crème fraîche

-5cl rum infused with kaffir lime leaves

-2cl maple syrup

-2cl fresh lemon juice

-1 passion fruit

-3cl champagne

-Timur pepper


In a cocktail glass / for 10 people:

You’ll need 5cl “havana3″ rum, 10 cl coconut cream and 5cl crème fraîche.

Use agar agar to make a piña colada gel.


In a shaker / for 1 glass:

5cl rum infused with kaffir lime leaves

2cl maple syrup

2cl fresh lemon

1 passion fruit


  • Shake then pour into a glass using a bar sieve, then filter.
  • Add 3cl champagne,
  • then add one turn of a pepper mill (timur pepper) into the glass.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.