Blue Lobster in his bowl


Benoît WitzChef at the restaurant the Vistamarinvites you to discover a wonderful recipe.



Blue  lobster in his bowl, potatoes “grenaille” and young porcini mushrooms



Servings: 2 persons


Ingredients :


- 2 lobsters of our Frensh coastline

- 1 lemon of Menton

- 1 bunch of basil

- A few lemon balm

- 1 stick of citronella

- 6cl lobster juice

- 1 Coral lobster

- 3 fennel sticks

- 240gr potatoes « grenailles »

- 10 Porcini mushrooms  « Bouchon »

- Olive oil

- 10gr butter

- 1 blade  of thyme

- Cooking salt

- Table salt

- Flower salt

- Pepper mill

- Pepper in grains

- Seeds of fennel

- Lemon Balm




- Cook lobsters 3 minutes for the body and 2 additional minutes of the crowbars, in a stock of water, cooking salt, pepper in grains , fennel seeds and a half lemon.

- Make a juice of lobster with heads, makeit reduce then bind with the coral

- Cook the potatoes « grenaille » in the long recklace with some butter, olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme.

- Reproduce the same process  for the Porcini mushrooms  « Bouchon », add lemon peels at the end of cooking.

- Prick the lobster with a Fennel Stick , then roast 2 minutes with olive oil, then add basil, lemon balm, stick of citronella for the aroma

- Add Some grain of flower of salt and black pepper mill.

- Put down some lemon peels, basil ans stick lemon balm sliced thinly at the bottom of the jar then the body of lobster and serve with the juice  and garniture aside