An extraordinary cocktail reception for Monaco Explorations


On Friday, 27 October, Chef Marcel Ravin will be participating in the oceanographic research campaign ‘Monaco Explorations’ announced by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in April of this year.

Monaco Explorations: around the world in 3 years

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has decided to restart scientific sea explorations from Monaco. That’s why on 27 July, the Principality made available to the international scientific community the Yersin, a ship and floating laboratory, for the next 3 years. Monaco Explorations will go round the world, learning more about marine biodiversity and the problems caused by global warming and pollution.

On 5 October, a team left Cabo Verde for Martinique to address a major concern of the West Indian population: the washing ashore of massive quantities of sargassum, with catastrophic consequences on fauna, flora, and human health and activities.

Marcel Ravin, a committed Michelin-starred chef

The chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant the Blue Bay is a fervent supporter of eating healthy and delicious food and of protecting the environment. His cuisine features vegetables picked in the Monte-Carlo Bay’s vegetable garden and respects marine resources in compliance with Mr. Goodfish guidelines. It was therefore only natural that Chef Marcel Ravin join the oceanographic research campaign Monaco Explorations in the form of an exceptional cocktail reception held on 27 October 2017. The Yersin will dock in the Baie des Flamands opposite the restaurant La Table de Marcel for the reception. To honour the event, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco will be attending and presenting the programme for this scientific operation.