Casino de Monte-Carlo: endless reinvention


Where art and gaming come together

It was all thanks to a meeting between two men, Pascal Camia, Managing Director of Gaming for Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, and Charles Kaisin, the world-renowned architect and designer from Brussels, that the Casino de Monte-Carlo became the showcase for a new kind of art.


The reinvention took shape on 28 April at the first Surrealist Diner organised in the famous Salle Médecin.


“We are going to reinvent tradition by offering a bespoke, festive and incredible experience. Our ambition is to bring back the thrill of gaming by offering the world’s top gamblers the most prestigious and exclusive gaming experience there is. We are fortunate to occupy Europe’s most prestigious casino location.”
Pascal Camia

Surprise and innovate

The journey continues with the creation, each season, of spectacular pop-up art installations. Belgian designer Charles Kaisin will use his artistic vision to turn the Atrium and Rotunda into an enchanted world full of powerful symbols that will leave visitors with vivid memories.

The installations will be punctuated by Surrealist Dinners, bringing together gamblers and international personalities. The dinners are prepared in secret and designed by the company’s greatest Michelin-starred chefs: Franck Cerruti, Marcel Ravin, etc. A unique and unforgettable experience!


‘Let’s fall in diamonds’
The next event, planned for the end of September, has plenty of surprises in store… 


“He was a serious man, he spent his time playing” 

Lewis Carroll


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