Citrus zest at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo


It’s time to recharge our batteries. Try our lovely new cocktails full of vitamins and with a hint of acid! 


After a brilliant summer season and plenty of floral cocktails, the coolest place in Monaco has more new surprises in store. Come try our new cocktail menu at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo.


This season’s cocktail collection menu features citrus fruits such as kumquats, makrut limes, citrus caviar and Buddha’s hands. A few sips and your taste buds are on their way to a distant land.

Happy Lounge

From 18:00 to 20:00 Tuesday through Saturday, take advantage of our special prices on the Lounge menu and sip one of our sake creations whilst enjoying some sashimi, maki, sushi and other tasty Asian specialities.


Dine at the Buddha-Bar and experience the thrill of a culinary journey. East meets West in a blend of exotic flavours and aromas that will take you as far as China, Japan, Thailand and South-East Asia and back. Taste the magic in every dish! Take a look at our menu here. 


Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino
MC 98000 Monaco

T. +377 98 06 19 19