Crêpes Suzette at the Café de Paris


The Café de Paris invites you to taste its traditional Crêpe Suzette, a great classic in French cuisine!



A delicious crepe, a bit of Grand Marnier and a match are all you need! Everyone knows Crêpe Suzette but what you may not know is that the recipe was invented purely by accident in Monaco, at the Café de Paris. 

In order to continue this tradition, the Café de Paris invites you to try their original recipe for this delicious treat that is as simple as it is delicious, every day from 8 November to 22 December 2017 and from 8 January to 30 March 2018 


The experience is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate, as the crepes are flambéed right before your very eyes!


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Café de Paris Monte-Carlo

Place du Casino - 98000 Monaco

T. +377 98 06 76 23 or T. +377 98 06 76 24