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” Nature au naturel is the reflection of paradise that would like to find in the world around us. The Mediterranean garden is the expression of that belief; it gives us back the union between heaven and earth. Humankind is the child and intermediary of that union. Its history is bound up with the shores of a sea that gave birth to the greatest civilizations and nurtured them to their peak while it let nature blossom along its coast and carried as many messages as people.


The Mediterranean garden is a closed garden, like paradise, where the four elements live in harmony and all our senses are aroused. Music and fragrances promise encounters and shared feasts. Its architecture shows the Western world the ideals that govern every construction and every elevation; it plays with forms, taking time to the limits of eternity. It has a soul and leads us through its intimacy and generosity to radiant sensuality.


Nature au naturel in the Mediterranean garden is complex and polymorphous, combining dryness and lushness, rounded forms and fractures, which is what, in my opinion, gives it all its richness and power.

Gardens in the Principality today are in harmony with this tradition-based belief.

They are a showcase for life’s pleasures. “




Jean Mus

Landscape Architect

Atelier Jean Mus & Compagnie


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