Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo recertified Green Globe


Green Globe certified since January 2016, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo has just passed its first recertification audit with flying colours!



After the Monte-Carlo Beach and the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Thermes was the third establishment to become Green Globe certified in the Group. This certification looks at three aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within a sustainable development policy: social (working conditions), societal (relationships with external stakeholders) and environmental. Together these constitute the basis of the company’s sustainable development strategy.

This strategy, in keeping with Monaco’s equally strong position in the matter, consists of taking active responsibility and demonstrating its commitment in its relationships with clients and partners.


“Since 1995, Thermes Marins Monte Carlo has been focusing on wellness, the sea and the use of natural products. In this context, our Green Globe commitment was just a logical next step. It was important to us to make official our commitment to limit our impact on the environment while implementing a transversal style of management dedicated to sustainable development. Other establishments in the group have shown us the way. Our commitment to Green Globe reflects our larger engagement to meet Monaco’s expectations and goals. I am very proud of our commitment and of the renewal of our Green Globe certification.”                                                                                 

Christine Zoliec, Director of Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo


Highlights from 2016 included an illustrated notebook of games that increased children’s awareness of sustainable development issues in a playful manner. For adults, a “reasonable consumption” campaign, especially for towels, stood out.


The restaurant L’Hirondelle also participated in the Green Globe certification process through Mr Good Fish accreditation for the responsible promotion and consumption of seafood. The restaurant also designed a new menu featuring healthy products and specific information on allergens and detox dishes. It has also set up a rooftop herb garden.


Regarding skincare treatments, the partnership with the brand Phytomer is noteworthy. World-renowned in the field of marine biotechnology, this family company and brand has developed effective, eco-responsible, pleasant-to-use formulas for 40 years. The partnership fits right in with Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo’s commitment to Green Globe.


Well done to the Monte Carlo Green Spa Team!



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