Re-opening of the Beach Club and restaurant Le Deck at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel.


This is the season when Monte-Carlo rediscovers the fine art of living by the sea, cool and chic, which has helped to build its legend. Restaurants, terraces, nautical club, all kinds of pleasures reclaim their rights in the fresh spring air.


From Saturday, April 23rd, come soak up the sun on the superb terrace of the restaurant Le Deck proposing flavorsome contemporary cuisine. A trendy, casual atmosphere for this vast restaurant at the edge of the immense pool close to the beach.


You can also initiate yourself in the culinary savors offered by Le Deck by participating in cookery classes dispensed by Chef Brugel, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”.


As for the Monte-Carlo Beach Club, it will again be welcoming fans of water-sports : rides on sea-scooters, wakeboards, parachutes over the sea, “flying carpets” and towed buoys. For the less energetic, the beach or a sun-lounger by the Olympic-size pool for effortless relaxation !