Sylvain Armand at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo


On Saturday 8th August, exclusively at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, Sylvain Armand will present you his new production “Right About Now” !

 Sylvain Armand















Sylvain Armand has made quite a name for himself serving up stylish sets across the globe. Ever since he started out spinning records in his early twenties Sylvain Armand’s secret weapon has been sonic seduction through style and rhythm.

Possessing an uncanny intuition for the shifting dynamics of the dance floor, he’s a master at subtly moving crowd into ever deeper layers of bliss and ecstasy.


Sylvain Armand is describing himself as an electric artist designing beats swaying between house, deep house and techno. 

Earlier these years, Sylvain Armand also broke into the world of high fashion by performing for brands like Chopard, Saint Laurent or Dior during International Cannes Film Festival and charity events on the French Riviera.


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