The restaurant L’Hirondelle of Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo has won the 2017 Société des Bains de Mer’s Yule Log contest


For the second year in a row, the jury has selected the creation by pastry chef Cédric Desideri as the winning dessert.


The Société des Bains de Mer began preparing for the year-end festivities in September, when the resort’s pastry chefs each designed a signature yule log inspired by a casino game theme. 


A hallmark of traditional meals and tea during the year-end holidays, the yule log became the object of a gourmet cooking contest for the Société des Bains de Mer’s pastry chefs. Each chef designed a brilliant recipe for the best yule log in 2017 contest, demonstrating their exquisite talent. Beautifully crafted and delicious to boot, the creations were complete with all the holiday trimmings.


A jury consisting of professionals, journalists and influencers examined many talented creations, finally selecting the creation by Cédric Desideri, young pastry chef at the restaurant L’Hirondelle of Thermes Marins Monte-Carloto be the ‘Bûche Chance’ (Simple Luck Yule Log). 


His ‘Chance’ dessert is an allusion to the Principality’s roulette game. As delectable as it is elegant, the yule log consists of a crunchy nut base topped with a light vanilla Bavarian cream, green apple jelly and caramelised apples.  


His creation will be featured on menus of the Société des Bains de Mer resort and available on site or for takeaway.

Do you feel the calling of a pastry chef’s inspiration? Try the ‘Chance’ Yule Log recipe and blow your holiday guests away!


‘Chance’ Yule Log for 8 people: €85 (book 24 hours in advance)




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